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Excelon IP

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Excelon IP is a full-service Intellectual Property Right (IPR) service provider, guiding clients ranging from early-stage start-ups to MNCs across several industries in protecting their intellectual property in India and across the globe. Established with our intellectual capital in the field of IP rights, we are a one-stop solution for all IP related matters.We are a team of attorneys, analysts, chemists, pharmacists and engineers that try to make your IP Protection process smooth and value driven with clarity and transparency.


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Soni and Soni Legal

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SONI AND SONI is Ahmedabad, Gujarat based Legal service and support offering organization that ensures that your rights are registered, managed and protected. Our team has a broad and deep base of knowledge and experience in techno-legal-business complexities which make sure your creativity and innovation flourish with the utmost protection around the globe.SONI AND SONI is the most reliable intellectual property rights service provider in India which procure and protect Intellectual Property Rights across the globe. Our dedicated IP team will take over the administrative burden and offer creative solutions to the most complex legal and techno-legal issues.


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Advocate Dipen Thakkar

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We provide best intellectual property services & solutions for registration of trademark, copyright, design, patent, geographical indications etc. We also handle civil / criminal matters and legal consultant - service provider.


Intellectual Property | Handling Civil Matter | Handling Criminal Matter | Making Legal Documents

Parker & Parker Co. LLP

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At Parker & Parker Co. LLP, our team is equipped with the best of tools and knowledge to secure your intangible assets, thereby helping you to grow creatively and financially. We respect the creators and their incredible talents, and hence, we believe that it is imperative to protect the IP assets from any illegal infringement through proper legal procedures.With the strong client-firm alliance, we have been able to successfully operate in major industry sectors in both domestic and international markets. We represent clients on IP issues related to international trade, portfolio management, e-commerce, domain name, corporate and commercial matters.


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