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Dr Ila's Ayurveda

Google Rating (4.8) (201)


Ayurvedic Facial Treatment | Rakta Mokshana Treatment | Basti Treatment | Nasya Treatment | Vamana Treatment | Virechan Treatment | Shirodhara Treatment

Sattva Ayurved

Google Rating (4.8) (147)


Gastric diseases Treatment | Asthma Treatment | Infertility Treatment | Skin diseases Treatment | Arthritis Treatment | Obesity Treatment | Therapy

Jiva Ayurveda

Google Rating (4.3) (82)


Digestive Treatmenet | Endocrine Treatment | Respiratory Treatment | Hair & Skin Treatment | Joint Pain Treatment | Gynae Treatment

Aagyarth Ayurved & Panchkarma Hospital

Google Rating (4.9) (118)


Gastritis Treatment | Colitis Treatment | Pancreatitis Treatment | IBS Treatment | Pimples Treatment | Kidney Disease Treatment

Krishna Ayurvedam

Google Rating (4.9) (34)


Takra Dhara Treatment | Shirodhara Treatment | Male - Female Uttar Basti Treatment | Therapies Treatment | Ksheera Dhara Treatment | Udvartanam Treatment | Tarpanam Treatment | Agni Karma