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Luxury Rehabs

Google Rating (3.7) (6)


Alcohol deaddiction treatment | Smoking cessation programme | Opioid replacement therapy | Treatment consists of Assessment and evaluation | Pharmacotherapy | Individual Counseling | Family Counseling

Brain Care Hospital

Google Rating (5.0) (41)


ECT Treatment | Neuromodulaton Therapy

Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre

Google Rating (4.3) (6)


Psychological Rehabilitation Treatment | Dementia Care Treatment | Mental retardation care Treatment | De Addiction Treatment | Palliative Care & Hospice Treatment

Naya Jivan Deaddiction Centre

Google Rating (5.0) (56)


Alcoholism Treatment | Counseling Treatment | Drug Addiction Treatment | Mental Health Treatment

GIPS Hospital

Google Rating (4.9) (3221)


Depression Treatment | Psychosis Treatment | Bipolar Disorder Treatment | Anxiety Treatment | OCD Treatment | Specific Phobias Treatment | Dementia Treatment | Child psychiatry Treatment | Schizophrenia Treatment | Neurodevelopmental disorders Treatment