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"Unearth a thoughtfully curated compilation of the most highly regarded beauty parlours in Ahmedabad using our inclusive directory. Place your confidence in their expertise for a safe and effective enhancement of your beauty and well-being."

La Femme

Google Rating (4.5) (295)

Experience the epitome of elegance and beauty at La Femme, one of Ahmedabad's premier beauty parlours. With a commitment to excellence, their services encompass a wide range of treatments, ensuring you radiate confidence.


Beauty parlour in Ahmedabad

Soulmate Salon

Google Rating (4.4) (418)

Elevate your beauty journey with Soulmate Salon. Discover a sanctuary of transformation where artistry meets innovation. Explore a range of services designed to rejuvenate your senses and enhance your radiance.


Hair / Beauty Salon; Non-smoking Rooms

B&B Salons

Google Rating (4.5) (346)

Elevate your beauty experience with B&B Salons. Discover excellence in hairstyling, skincare, and more at our salon.


hairstyling, skincare, and more

Enrich Salon

Google Rating (4.6) (1.9T)

Experience the pinnacle of beauty care at Enrich Salon, a distinguished destination renowned for its excellence. Discover a world of transformative treatments and skilled professionals dedicated to your well-being.


Beard Care | Skin Care | Hair Care | Body Care

Metro The Salon

Google Rating (4.2) (83)

Metro The Salon, a cultural gem nestled in Ahmedabad, showcases the vibrant tapestry of India's folk heritage. With an impressive collection of traditional artifacts, intricate textiles, and captivating artworks, the museum offers a captivating journey into the heart of rural traditions. Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic prowess of Indian folk culture as you explore the diverse exhibits, providing a window into the soul of the nation's artistic legacy.


The grounds are beautiful, with over 100 peacocks