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Hetal's Yog Clinic

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Hetal Desai started her Yog journey very early in her childhood, inspired by her father who was a committed fitness enthusiastor.Yogsadhna Ashram was the 1st formal training ground where she graduated from Teachers Training Course. She did not sit in her laurels and also completed Yog course from M.S.University, her quest for learning different techniques of Yog led her to Shri B.K.S Iyengar, Pune, where she learned yog with props.


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Kaivalya Yoga Shala

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Welcome to Kaivalya Yogashala, the most authentic Yoga Teacher Training School in Ahmedabad, India. We are a truly dedicated yoga school with a team of most educated and years of experienced teachers to provide our students most original and humbling knowledge of Yoga. Our school is registered from Yoga Alliance USA to provide 100 hours & 200 hours TTC courses and certificate is valid worldwide.We not only give information and knowledge but ultimate aim is to transform life of students by providing lifetime experience. We feel everybody is different and has different needs and preferences so we give choices and teach different styles of yoga like Iyenger, hatha, and Ashtanga.


Hatha Yoga, Re-Engergize & Stretch, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga for Strength, Restorative Yoga, Asana & Pranayama

Yoga With Uday

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I am Health and Fitness conscious person thanks to my mom, was always interested in Human body,was into more of cricket, weight training, aerobics, Yoga was once a week activity, slowly it become part of my life.Also thanks to Health and Nutrition magazine, which I was associated for more than 12 years , brought me close to Health and Wellness subject and Industry.Into learning yoga since 2002, it happened mainly under prominent yoga teachers from Mumbai, names can be shared on enquiry.In 1999, I was introduced to Transcendental Mediation and Siddhi Mediation under famous and a great soul Kamala Tanha.I am a certified International yoga teacher 500 hrs from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram , Chennai, year of passing 2018 , also I am one of the very first few teachers to introduce Vinyasa Krama to Mumbai, Nagpur, Dharmashala and Ahmedabad


Kids yoga, Yoga with props inspired by Iyengar Guruji, Vinyasa krama as per Acharya T.Krishnamarchaya, Weight loss, Yoga for Corporates, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Therapy based yoga, Marma therapy, Yogic massage for pain relief and relaxation

Gyanish Yoga

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Gyan Acharya. Health coach Psycho-yoga therapist Founder & CEO Gyanish fitness pvt ltd B.sc in yoga & psychology MSc in yogic science Pursuing Phd in yoga & mental health National yoga champion & states champion 16 year yoga practice experience.In 2015 he have started their own company name Gyanish Fitness Private Limited. He also guide other yoga studios and their are many studios working under him.His aim is that people should know themselves, they should know about there internal energies and power. People should know themselves and by knowing themselves they can serve to their families, to the nation and to the other countries too. The energy given by the god to the human should not get wasted but it should be utilized.


Yoga Certification Course, Professional Teacher Training Course, Prenatal/Postnatal Certification Course, Kids Yoga Certification Course, Props Yoga Certification Course, Aerial Yoga Certification Course, Pranayama Certification Course

Exhale Yoga School

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Exhale Yoga School is committed to promoting and supporting the integrity and diversity of the teaching the yoga. We are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA for 200 hours teachers training. We have more than 7800 certified teachers teaching all over the world. We are offering Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, restorative yoga, gentle yoga, prenatal yoga, Jivamukti yoga, power yoga, hot yoga and many more.


Underwent Any major medical surgeries, High BP, Physical injuries, Spinal problems, Doctor restricted pressure on Eyes