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Cultivate a strong foundation in Ahmedabad with Indiatop5. Our directory showcases the "Top 5 Montessori Schools in Ahmedabad," presenting premier early learning centers for holistic development. From dedicated educators to interactive methods, Indiatop5 guides you to exceptional Montessori schools. Elevate your child's growth by exploring our comprehensive directory, ensuring access to top-tier educational environments. With Indiatop5, fostering creativity and independent learning in Ahmedabad is effortless, shaping bright futures from the start

Cambridge Montessori Pre-School

Google Rating (5.0) (28)

Cambridge Montessori Pre School is poised to create a learning environment for tiny tots based on internationally renowned Montessori philosophy propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori.The school develops an excellent Montessori curriculum sourced and researched from across the globe and delivered with the help of operational centers in Asia.Keeping the overall development of the child in mind, CMPS is obligated to ensure an environment of love, compassion and harmony developing critical thinking and making the child independent.


Little Hearts, Tender Hearts, Nursery, LKG, UKG, Day Care, Mind Lab, Teacher Training

Little World (Montessori Pre School)

Google Rating (4.2) (29)

Little world Montessori Pre and Primary School opened its door to little children on 12th June 2002.Now we have open the second branch. Maria Montessori invented the Montessori Method of Education in 1907 in Italy. She discovered a method of teaching that allowed the children to develop and learn through their own needs ultimately preparing the child for life with many rich experience. Maria Montessori described the child’s mind between the times of birth of 6 yrears of age as the “Absorbent Mind”.At this stage a child has tremendous ability to learn and assimilate from the world around him / her without conscious effort. During this time particularly receptive to certain external stimulate.


Huge Playground with latest equipments, New Hightech Auditorium Class, Olympiad Exam, well designed Ac rooms, Transportation

D.V.M.S. Montessori School

Google Rating (5.0) (2)

D.V. Montessori School was established in the year 2018 to provide quality education based on the Montessori philosophy and moral & cultural values. The motivation and objective behind starting DVMS was to in still Vedic values and traditions by providing education that combines our heritage, culture and our Indian languages while following the Montessori philosophy. The knowledge of the culture and heritage becomes more critical growing up in a society where the dominant culture is different. We hope that the early childhood exposure to the Vedic values and heritage will provide our children with a solid foundation that will help them during their vulnerable teenage years and beyond.


Curriculum( CBSE), Dance(Classical), Classes, Level Of Schooling(Playgroups, Nursery, Kindergartens, Pre Primary, Pre Schools, Primary)

The Ahmedabad Montessori School

Google Rating (4.9) (8)

At The Ahmedabad Montessori School our aim is to give your child a happy and warm introduction to school. The Montessori method is gentle and kind, moving totally at the child’s pace.We now have introduced a basic toddlers program for two year olds.There is a large classroom with lots of space to move around in freely. It is an attractive room with interesting pictures, bunches of flowers on each table and other plants and animals for you to tend and care for. The tables and chairs are not in rows but randomly arranged facing the teacher. Everything is tidy and in place. There are different dedicated activity areas in the classroom.


Practcle Life Materials, Sensorial Materials, Mathematics Material, Language Material, Field Trips

The Lighthouse Montessori School

Google Rating (4.9) (55)

TLMS is a passionate effort of Ms. Monal who envisioned to start an authentic Montessori School to promote Montessori Principles and Techniques among children in India and hence it’s not just a preschool but also a place for children to learn and become a civilized citizen of the world.TLMS’s first school was set up at Ahmedabad in 2020 with complete Montessori Apparatus and a beautiful & peaceful environment for children of age groups 2.5 years to 6 years.The classroom settings, apparatus and the methodology are all based on genuine Montessori principles.


Sensitive Period, "Child Centred" Philosophy, Prepared Environment