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The Silver Life Gym

Google Rating (4.8) (323)

A world-class gym run by Mr. Jaspal Chavda, the Silver Life Gym is the best gym in Naranpura and the entire Ahmedabad. With over a decade of experience, the gym has hundreds of membership to its credit. With the best fitness training, customised fitness programs, world-class equipment and unmatched nutrition & diet counselling, it is the bets fitness centre you can join in Ahmedabad.


Cardio, Strength training, Aerobic exercises, Personal Training, Floor Exercises, Stretching, Nutrition Counselling

Anytime Fitness

Google Rating (4.7) (841)

Fitness is not the prerogative of a few AF gyms in India. It is the right of each individual on the same premise, and we are committed to ‘Make Healthy Happen’ for all.To realise this dream, AF offers a 24/7/365 open-door policy, so that your gym schedule works according to you. AF also has Personal Training and Fitness consultations based on your goals, current lifestyle, and various other demographics.


Fitness Consultation, Team Workout, One and One Training

BlackkTRAXX Gym

Google Rating (4.5) (112)

The brainchild of the founders of The Shades of Blackk Spalon, offering one of its kind luxury spa and salon services since over a decade now, BlackkTRAXX is all set to offer the new mantra of fitness called “Fittnasium”. BlackkTRAXX is a premium lifestyle management and fitness center, where every program has been designed with a strong scientific backbone.At BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium, you enter the future of fitness. We are locked and loaded with the best-in-class commercial grade equipment; all safe, sound, and supervised by industry experts.


Fitness Training, Strength Training, Cardio Training, Free Motion Training, Weight Training, Group Training

Being Gymaholic 2.O

Google Rating (4.8) (351)

Fitness enthusiast who is passionate and dedicated to fitness and physical activity. Enjoy participating in various forms of exercise, such as weightlifting, running, cycling, yoga, or team sports, strive to achieve their fitness goals and also have a strong interest in nutrition and healthy living.Motivated with the physical and mental benefits of exercise, such as improved strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall health. Often have a structured workout routine and always track progress through metrics such as weight, body fat percentage, and strength gains.


Health & Fitness

ZEUS Fitness Point

Google Rating (4.0) (616)

With an understanding of the current urban Indians and their lifestyle, we at Zeus Fitness Point started on a journey of providing better health and well being to the community with our first outlet at Sattadhar area, circa 2005. We are proud to say that we had an overwhelming response to our vision of giving each and every member a personalized, scientific and wholesome fitness program to custom fit their lifestyle and continue to do so to this very day.


Cardio, Strength, Personal Tranings, Diet Clinic, Fitness Studio, Recreation Zone, Wellness Program, Fuel Station, Special Kids Traninig