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Embark on a journey of hope and healing with IndiaTop5. Our dedicated directory introduces you to esteemed oncologists in Ahmedabad, each a beacon of expertise in cancer care. From diagnosis to treatment, they offer personalized solutions for your well-being. IndiaTop5 bridges excellence and accessibility, connecting you with top-rated oncologists in Ahmedabad. Prioritize your health and embrace a future of resilience through our intuitive directory. Where expertise meets convenience, IndiaTop5 guides you toward optimal cancer care and a brighter tomorrow.

Dr. Manthan Merja (MBBS, Mch)

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Dr. Manthan Merja is a renowned oncologist surgeon known for his expertise and compassionate care in cancer treatment. With a commitment to excellence, he has successfully performed numerous complex surgeries and provided comprehensive cancer care to patients. His vast experience and dedication have earned him recognition as a leading oncologist in the medical community.


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Dr. Murtuza I. Laxmidhar MBBS, M.S., M.Ch.

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Senior Consultant and Director surgical oncology, ApolloCBCC cancer center, Apollo hospitals, ahmedabad.One year Houseman ship after passing M.B.,B.S.Two years as a Resident Doctor in Dpt. Of Gen. Surgery, V.S. General Hospital, A’bad.Four months each in a G.I. Surgery, C.T. Surgery and Paed. Surgery at V.S. Gen. Hospital,A’bad.Fifteen months as full time Chief Surgeon at Saifee Hospital, Lunawada.Two years as a M.Ch. senior resident in Surgical Oncology at The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute (GCRI),A’bad.Fifteen months as a Fellow in Surgical Oncology,GCRI, A,bad.


TLM Cancer Surgeon, Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon, Breast Cancer Surgeon, Onco Surgeon

Dr. Nitin Singhal (MBBS, Mch)

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I am a certified Mch Surgical oncologist from one of the worlds most renowned cancer training hospital - Tata memorial Mumbai. I have extensive training and interest in the field of Gi cancer surgeries like colon ( large intestine) and rectal cancer including stoma ( stool bag) prevention surgeries. Complex surgeries for pancreas, liver , stomach , esophagus ( food pipe) including laproscopic and robotic ( keyhole surgeries), Thoracic surgeries.


Urologic Oncology, Gynecologic Cancer, GI Cancer Surgeon, Child Cancer Surgery

Dr. Mitesh Chandarana (MBBS, MD, DM)

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Dr Mitesh Chandarana is a specialist in Neurology with a rich experience of 13 years currently working in Merchant logo MediSquare super speciality Hospital and Research Institute.He has ample experience in giving Botulinum Toxin injections in various dystonia (e.g. blepharospasm, Writer’s cramp, oromandibular dystonia, cervical dystonia, limb dystonia), hemifacial spasm, tremors, spasticity and migraine.


Tremors, Neurology, Movement Disorder

Dr. Nishant Sanghav(MBBS,MS, M.CH)

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Dr. Nishant Sanghavi makes a constant endeavour to provide the best, personalised healthcare with a breadth of surgical and medical expertise. Dr. Nishant Sanghavi is updated with most of the current advanced technologies in the field of cancer surgeries. He believes in putting patients first, taking pride in what he does, respecting others, striving to be the best and acting with integrity. These values have been developed in close collaboration with staff who strives to provide our patients with exceptional care every day.


GI Oncology, Uro Oncology, Head & Neck Oncology