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Athena Clinic

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Athena Clinic Is One Of The Best Hair And Skin Treatment Clinic In Ahmedabad. Our Clinic’s Extensive Range Of Services Includes Skin And Hair Care Services. Our Expert Doctors Are Rigorously Trained To Give Real Results For All Your Skin And Hair Converns. The Effect Of Treatment Increases When It Occurs With Experienced And Qualified Professionals As We Perform At Athena Clinis.


Extremely Competent And Experienced Doctors

Looks Studio

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Hair and its lushness add a unique charm to one’s image and defines the personality. Hence, at Looks Studio, we aim to restore your Hair naturally to put your pain of Hair Loss behind you. Our safe, advanced & cost-effective Hair Transplant treatments under the supervision of highly-trained Doctors give your Hair a healthy second life. We constantly strive to give outstanding results to our clients through our Advanced Hair Transplant Centers.


To provide the most natural and unnoticeable results in hair treatments at affordable costs with outstanding client support.

Dr Arth Shah (MBBS,M.S., M.Ch)

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He is a soft-spoken and pleasing personality. So, patients comfort and wellbeing with natural, aesthetically pleasing optimal results is his first and foremost priority. As a result, each patient receives undivided attention and makes an informed decision after extensive counseling and with full knowledge of the procedure. Furthermore, he also suggests alternative treatments available. Most importantly, his artistic approach based on a bedrock of sound technical expertise ensures patient satisfaction in every case.


Department of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, Amrita Institute, Cochin

Dr Anand B. Shah (MBBS, MD)

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Dr Anand B. Shah, is a board-certified Maxillofacial & Craniofacial surgeon who is highly skilled in cosmetic facial and hair restoration surgery and has exclusively practised the same, internationally and nationally. His career span has been marked with passionate and focused learning, keen and industrious training and in-depth guidance by some of the world’s best leading experts in the field of Hair Restoration.


He underwent a surgical preceptorship in orthognathic surgery from ‘UZ Brussel’ University, Belgium under Dr Maurice Mommaerts.

Dr. Kinnar Kapadia(MBBS, M.D)

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Avenue is a reputable hair clinic specializing in hair transplant procedures. Our advanced technology ensures effective solutions for hair loss problems. We strive to deliver maximum hair growth for every individual we serve, regardless of age. Our successful hair root transplants have helped numerous patients across India. Get the best result at the most affordable price by contacting us and letting us guide you through the entire process of Hair Transplantation.


Our experts provide 100% Patient Satisfaction of hair transplants.